Transferring ownership of finished product

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Hi, I have made a project and want to transfer the ownership to someone else so they are paying for the data usage. Do I just un claim the device and in turn, the new owner claims the device? Will the code stay on the Electron once unclaimed and keep on working as before?


You’ll need to unclaim the device and deactivate the SIM from your account.

The new owner will need to activate the SIM and claim the device to their account.

The code will stay on the Electron if ownership changes.


Thank you for your time answering my question. I had read the Particle Docs which refer to the two Auth methods but didnt quite understand their use cases (keeping customers in house and billing them), versus transfer ownership outright, which was my question.
You have helped me understand and furthered my learning.
Thank you once again!


Going to bump this.
Is there any way to change device ownership yet?

In my work we try to ship devices with a minimum amount of setup. This usually involves account setup and backend support so I want to ship my device ready out of the box without ANY setup from the end user.