Tracker One speed values

By default, I receive the following data with the default firmware (v. 11) of Tracker One:

"cmd": "loc",
"loc": {
  "alt": 487.633,
  "batt": 58.4,
  "cell": 27.8,
  "h_acc": 11.0,
  "hd": 262.52,
  "lat": 40.12345678,
  "lck": 1,
  "lon": 8.12345678,
  "temp": 19.3,
  "time": 1608300051,
  "v_acc": 11.0
"req_id": 161,
"time": 1608300049,
"trig": [

I'm interested in speed values. This documentation shows how I could fork the GitHub repository and implement it by myself, but I wonder if it's possible to receive that value without the need of writing and maintaining custom code.

In the 'Configure Fleet' section under 'Location' I have not ticked the 'Minimize Data' checkbox next to this description:

If enabled, publish minimal location with only latitude and longitude. If disabled, publish additional information including speed, heading, etc.

There is no way to add speed to the existing publish without using the code in the link above.

Ok, is there a particular reason to exclude it in the first place? Any chance this will follow in a couple of months as an option? I would gladly trade temp in exchange to speed for my use-case :slight_smile:

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Particle released a huge update with Tracker Edge Release v12. The loc-enhanced event now contains a whole bunch of extra details with speed (spd) being one of them. I haven’t yet figured out the unit but from other Particle products, I suspect speed to be reported in knots. To get the km/h value, we simply need to multiply the value in knots by 1.852.

Actually, disregard the previous post. I found the definition of spd in the source code:

float speed;  /**< Point speed in meters per second */

tracker-edge/location_service.h at 5fc47fc7d9bd1a466fd404fa3e84af0f69b0c0e7 · particle-iot/tracker-edge · GitHub