Tracker M vs Tracker SoM

What will be the main difference between Tracker M vs Tracker SoM?
Will Tracker M replace Tracker SoM?
Should all new designs use the Tracker M?
Will Monitor One replace Tracker One?
When will they be available?

The Tracker SoM isn’t going away; there will be a T404X and T524X. The X versions are necessary because of supply chain constraints on the LTE Cat M1 cellular modem, GNSS, and CAN controller. And the Monitor One is based on the Tracker SoM.

The Monitor One isn’t exactly a replacement for the Tracker One. For one, it’s significantly larger, but is designed so you can insert expansion cards inside the enclosure. There are also more options for external connectors because of the larger case. Think of it as an expandable version of the Tracker One, not a replacement.

The Tracker One will still exist and will upgraded to the ONE404X and ONE524X.

The Tracker M is farther out. The main difference is that the MCU is the P2 module, not the nRF52840. So the Tracker M has a 200 MHz Realtek RTL8721DM MCU, 2 MB user firmware binaries, and 3MB-ish available RAM. The Wi-Fi in the P2 of the Tracker M is only for Wi-Fi geolocation at this time, and uses cellular, like the Tracker SoM, for connectivity.

Thanks for the clear explanation.
When can we expect the Tracker SoM T524X (EU version) to be available?

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