Tracker One - LOW On Memory?

I’m running latest Firmware v9 and I see device is running LOW on Memory.
I feel like this device is a big failure and shouldn’t be out yet.

Thats a 90% usage already right from the box.
I can’t believe for that size of the Tracker they didn’t make the chip bigger to have more memory.

I’m very Disappointed.

There’s more free RAM on Device OS 2.0.0 and later. The Tracker SoM ships with 1.5.4-rc.1 and there’s very little RAM available with that version of Device OS.

The nRF52840 MCU is the largest available in that product line. The nRF5340 was only just announced when development started and switching MCU lines would have delayed release by an unknown amount of time.

Thank you but I’m not getting something, this whole thing is starting to get confusing.
So Tracker One is only an Enclosure which contains Tracker SoM am I right?

and since Tracker One or SoM however you want to call it, ships with:

Tracker Edge Firmware v8
Built against device OS release v1.5.4-rc.1


Tracker Edge Firmware v9
Built against device OS release v1.5.4-rc.2

how do I obtain that OS 2.0.0?
and whats up with that 3rd name Edge? See what I’m talking about? It’s just makes no sense to have 3 different names for one device.

Thank you.

The Tracker One is a complete sealed unit containing the Tracker SoM, a circuit board (Tracker Carrier Board), battery, and antennas.

The Tracker SoM is the module containing the nRF52840 MCU, cellular module, Wi-Fi module, CAN interface, RTC/watchdog, etc…

Tracker Edge is the firmware that runs on the Tracker SoM. On most other devices, you write all of the firmware, starting with setup() and loop(). On the Tracker SoM, because there are so many built-in peripherals and things like event queuing, configuration service, those are all in the Tracker Edge firmware. You can write to the bare hardware if you’d like, but most of the time you’ll either use the Tracker Edge firmware unmodified or with only minor additions such as additional sensors.

Device OS 2.0.0-rc.3 should be released in the next few weeks with Tracker support. You can build from source 2.0.0-rc.2 for the tracker now, but there is no Workbench or cloud-compile support for 2.0.0-rc.2.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, I appreciate it :yum:

Version 10 (out now) is built upon 2.0.0-rc.3 and reports about 90kB of 162kB RAM used.

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