TrackerOne with WiFi connectivity

Does Particle have any product which combines a Tracker system (such as TrackerOne) with wifi connectivity so that larger amounts of data can be uploaded when wifi is available?

There is no Tracker device with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity at this time.

Do you know if there are any plans in this direction, which are not too distant? Thanks

Hypothetically speaking, if I were designing a product that needed support for both cellular and Wi-Fi, I would design it around the M.2 SoM form-factor. Currently the only product available is cellular, the B Series SoM (B404X and B524), but if Particle were to create a device with cellular and Wi-Fi in the future, it would most likely be in this form-factor.

I'd build a M.2 SoM base board with a GNSS connected by serial or I2C to the MCU on the base board, along with the power supply.

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Great many thanks for the suggestion!

Is this a reality that is likely going to happen?

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