Robust Wifi/Cellular Connection Device?

I am working on a project which requires connectivity options via cellular or wifi depending on which has a more reliable/stronger connection. I have been looking at the connectivity options available on Particle devices and they seem to either offer cellular or wifi options but not both in one device. (Maybe I missed something somewhere?)

I have a Boron (BRN314) device which I used on a previous project and it works fine except for when the device is an environment which doesn’t get good cell signal. In those instances we want the device to transition to a Wifi connection if available (assuming the proper credentials have been set up on the device). I ordered an Argon to meet that need for prototyping, but having two devices working together like this is more cumbersome than desired.

Is there a more elegant solution available using a single Particle device? (I have been searching for one but can’t seem to find it)


Hi Micah-

Thanks for reaching out. Currently Particle does not make dual function cellular/wifi devices though that is a definite possibility for the future. For now the two device solution, as inelegant as it may be, is the way.

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