WiFi +LTE together


Is there a way to use a particle board to have both LTE and WiFi at the same time? We want our product to connect to LTE as default and if there is no service, ask the user to input WiFi credentials.

So my question is whether its possible to add a 3rd party LTE modem to Argon or 3rd Party WiFi chip to Boron and still connect to particle cloud with it?


There is no Particle device that has both Wi-Fi and Cellular for cloud connectivity(1).

While it is theoretically possible to add a second network interface, doing so would be a fair amount of effort is this is not a user-configurable parameter. It would require modifying Device OS internally to support switchable network interfaces, and maintaining this fork. This is not trivial and may expose unexpected issues as no devices currently do this. I would not recommend it.

(1) The Tracker SoM has a Cellular and Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi is only used for geolocation and is not available for use as a cloud connection.

Thanks for the reply. I think that kinda answers my next question. Is it possible to install DeviceOS for any third party or custom hardware? I guess that will also require modifying the DeviceOS, which is not recommended?

It depends where the custom hardware needs to hook in. For the vast majority of cases, such as adding sensors and devices that your user firmware interacts with by serial, I2C, SPI, etc., you can do so without modifying Device OS. This is commonly done and is a normal use case.

The issue is only with peripherals that need to connect into the lower layers of Device OS, such as adding new network interfaces that are used for the cloud connection.