Tracker locations on public map

I want to display the current location of a group of Tracker One devices on a public website.

I could route location events with Pub/Sub into google cloud and store them in a firestore.
Then build a google maps app which takes the last locations from the db.

But I'm wondering if there is a simpler solution since it is already possible to visualize the map in the Particle dashboard?
Do you have a suggestion for the most simple solution?

There is no way to safely reuse the map in the console from a public website. Your Google Maps (or similar mapping service) idea is the best option.

You can set up your tracking system on your computer (acting as a server) or dedicated server. There are various cool open-source projects for that, like Traccar. There is a discussion on their forums about setting up Tracker One using webhooks. This is a personal (not official) recommendation, btw.