Multi-tenanted access

For Particle Tracking System, are we able to support the use case where our product is purchased by different customers and they need access to the native functionality such as maps view?

Not initially. The console map view is intended to be used by the product creator, not by customers.

There will be other integrations that will be better suited for customer map views later. These would also allow for customization of the map view to present specific information for your product.

Is there a plan to provide an API to the Map View data for a single tracker or for a fleet of trackers - similar to the API’s provided by Spot and Garmin for their trackers? This enables applications to use the track data collected through the Particle tracking system.

The other solution is to add Particle Publish / Web Hook to the tracker firmware to send the position data (time / Lat / Lon) to a second website.

Yes, both methods are possible.

Get historical location data from the location database:

Monitor the event stream using webhooks or SSE. This is the data format:

Thank you @rickkas - I should have look for the documentation before opening my mouth - sorry. Am I correct that “date_range” in “GET /v1/products/:productIdOrSlug/location” are only the Dates as the words imply (2020-07-01,2020-07-04) not the Date and Time (2020-07-01T12:00:00,2020-07-04T12:10:00. If it is Date and Time, I could use a standard Tracker One in my application - tracking racing sailing Boats

ISO8601 format optionally includes the time, so you should be able to specify time to the second.

Super - now all I need is my SOM to arrive.

Is there an ETA on this?

There is currently no schedule for making a customized map feature for customers of product creators.

Of course the data is available from the API so you can use a service like Mapbox or Google Maps to display custom data for your customers now, though you would need to have your own front-end server that manages customer authentication and API access.