Pulling published events into online database

I am just getting started with particle.io using a tracker SoM. From tracker edge as a base I plan to publish a range of sensor data that then gets stored in an online database (Supabase is my current pick) to allow access to historic data. How would I pull data from particle io to a service like Supabase?

webhooks are what are normally used to send data to websites, here is the docs for webhooks
webhook docs


There are two ways:

  • If you want to poll from an external service, use the Tracker Location APIs from your external service.
  • If you want to push the data to an external service, use webhooks to push the location events.

You can also add additional sensor data to location events, see adding to the location event.

Thanks, I've done a bit more digging and have managed to use a webhook to send data from a publish event to Supabase. I was wondering if I can send data from a location event as well, as this data can contain many fields rather than a single string.

Hi, you can do that by matching the event name on the integration to the location event (in this case I am using the loc-enhanced one, for instance):


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