Tracker Edge: Location updates vs publish

Just a data usage question: With plain Tracker edge installed a location update is sent at the Console set interval, using one data slot each time. When adding fields to the location data and publishing them through Tracker::instance().location.regLocGenCallback(myLocationGenerationCallback); as per some of the examples given, does this result in the location being sent through twice (once to the location tracker and once through publish, or are these combined into a single data transfer?

It's combined into a single publish, just adding additional fields to the JSON object, so one data operation. There is a size limit of 1024 characters, however, so there's only so much you can add.

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Thanks! As the size of the data in the location changes based on the number of fields in the Tower and Wifi, which take up quite a bit of data. is it possible to turn the wifi and tower fields off?

Yes, it is possible but I wrote the location publisher to simply fill up the rest of the 1024 byte packet and stop adding WiFi APs until the end.

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Nicely done, I always appreciate efficient use of data!