Track the path of data through the Mesh

Is there a way to get a trace pf the devices that the payload hits as it traverses through the mesh network?

In addition to my data payload, I’m looking for something like:

Xenon 43 > Xenon 32 > Xenon 3 > Gateway

Sorry - no there isn’t. There isn’t a way to force a Xenon (any node) to stop being a repeater.

Why do you need to know this? Are you struggling with performance/latency of message?

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Oh no it was more curiosity.

I just ordered another 50 Xenons to deploy and was interested to see how they were actually operating.

Out of curiosity, what ratio of endnodes to gateway are you deploying?

And in what sort of environment?

So far 5:1, going to test 50+:1

Environment: multi-story buildings

I will be testing hundreds per gateway very soon. While the site says, 50:1, I’m going to push that to see how many the network can truly handle.

I understand that Particle are not recommending more than 10 right now - more development will get to 20-30