MESH: Confused new guy :)

I’m just getting stated on my little project and I’ve hit the confusion wall. I have multiple (4) endpoints/repeaters (XENONS) that collect sensor data that I want to push to the cloud. A couple of the endpoints are out of range of the gateway(BORON), so I figured MESH is the way to go.

The code on each endpoint is basically identical in that they are all reading the same type of information just at different locations in my yard. I guess my question is, if all my endpoints are publishing their information, how does

A) A endpoint/repeater take in the broadcasted message and pass it along to device that is eventually in range of the gateway. Does each Xenon have to subscribe then re-publish the data?

B) How do I parse all the messages that come from my endpoints so I can then send them up to the cloud?


A) That is handled transparently by the OpenThread protocol.
B) Your nodes can either directly Particle.publish() through to the cloud without you needing to care about the routing, or if you want to aggregate the incoming data and thus reduce data consumption your gateway would Mesh.subscribe() to the Mesh.publish() events of the nodes, collect them and then forward the aggrate via Particle.publish().

Ahhh OK. I think that has stirred the grey matter a bit. I’ll play a bit more.