Total beginner question - setup process not working

Hi, I finally unboxed my photon after it sat on the shelf for a few years. Tried following the setup instructions…

  • plugged in to USB
  • a blue light is blinking as soon as I plug in the photon. Holding down the setup button seems to have no affect on the light flashing
  • connected to Photon-[ABCD] wifi
  • verified my computer got an IP address (
  • the setup webpage is attempting to go to but is unable to connect

Halp please.

I’ve never heard of this setup process before, the best way is the particle app, although there seems to be an issue currently with the android version on Samsung phones. If you’re doing setup on a computer, make sure you have the Particle-CLI installed, and run Particle setup.

Thanks, I’ll try it. Was following the instructions here:

That was super easy. Thanks @Mjones

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