Tools/Device Programming

I just ran across this page, Device Restore USB | Tools | Particle. Not sure how I have missed it in the past. This is solving some of the problems we have with customers unable to install the Particle CLI on their systems to perform some administrative activities. I’m wondering what the future hold for this. Is there a roadmap to shift Wi-Fi setup to doing something like this instead of SoftAP? That would be great! Since this does require Chrome, would be cool if this could be wrapped in an Electron app for distribution that way so that even having Chrome installed isn’t a requirement.

Let me know if there is any more information available.

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There’s a thread discussing this and @rickkas7 was even kind enough to update it to allow flashing your custom user firmware.

There is currently no plan to change how Wi-Fi setup works. SoftAP is not really practical from a browser (because you need to disconnect Wi-Fi in the host operating system), but the Gen 3 BLE-based setup is theoretically possible from a browser using Web BLE.

Electron (the JS environment, not the Particle device) is an interesting thing, but is likely to not work easily because the node.js-style interfaces for USB and BLE are completely different than the browser-based interfaces WebUSB and WebBLE. I’m also not sure how much access Electron provides to these low-level interfaces.

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