To check connectivity can we check 'Voice' or does it need to be 'Data'

We use the [FCC coverage map]:

(ArcGIS Web Application)

to gauge if our Borons will connect in the locations we plan to place them in.

The link has options to show connectivity for ‘Voice’ or ‘Data’, for each carrier. ‘Voice’ shows more connectivity usually. We are using Boron BRN404s, in the US.

Given that we are sending small packets of data, can we check the box for ‘Voice’ to predict if the Particles will connect? Voice option usually shows a higher chance of coverage. ‘Data’ assumes ‘5/1 Mbps, 90% cell edge probability’ and we don’t need that much bandwidth for our small packets.

Thanks for any info!

Hi Chris-

Particle SIM does not support SMS or voice, so you will have to check the box for ‘Data’. Even in small packets it is still considered data.


LTE Cat M1 coverage required by the BRN404 isn’t guaranteed for either setting.

AT&T Mobility LTE Data is close, but not exactly it. In theory, every AT&T tower that supports LTE supports LTE Cat M1, however this is not true for roaming partners, and it’s not clear what this map shows.

For T-Mobile, it’s worse. Most T-Mobile towers that support LTE data support LTE Cat NB1, but Particle devices don’t support LTE Cat NB1. Some subset of those also support LTE Cat M1, the only version that works with the BRN404.


I see.
The area we are looking to deploy many units at is on a lake, and from the Data map it looks like AT&T covers 80% or more of it. The area that is shown as covered uses 5 Mbps speed.

Presumably at the edges of that area, the Mbps speed would fall off gradually, so that the areas that we can get our small packets through could be wider - am I totally off on that?

Also, is there a better map we can use?


I don't know if it is better, but, I have used this to see what towers were available for AT&T before deployment and after. The site has been upgraded since I last used it. Ads are now a distraction (I have not registered). But, the relevant tower information provided is better than I had seen before on this site. Hope it helps. Here are some steps I took to get information:

Click Menu.
Click Provider.
At Provider, select: AT&T Mobility - United States of America - 310410
At Network, select: 4G - LTE
Then, X out.
Click Search: enter "Location Search" info (City, State for example). Return
Then, X out.
Then, move screen to your desired location. Click on "tower" icons to see relevant info.

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Thanks, Robc.

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