LTE Coverage Map now that the 5G Hype Machine is warming up

So, I just took a look at the AT&T coverage map for a site I am planning to install some Boron LTE sensors at. Pre-5G hype, I could clearly see LTE coverage but now much of the map is listed as “5G”

Here is my question. Can I assume that when I see “5G” that the Boron LTE will connect just as I used to assume that “LTE” meant that LTE M1 was covered?

Thanks, Chip

Sorry, I could not answer your question. Your question did get me thinking, though. Today, I tried a tool I used over a year ago and it seems to have been improved by listing LTE cells which might be close to your desired Boron install. The link is:

You do not need to sign up for anything. Enter the info like the next screens:

and you will hopefully see a map like this:

In this screenshot, I have already clicked on the red dot (which turned blue) representing a cell tower. Regions are shown painted according to the LTE cells the selected tower manages. The beautiful part is the scrollable information on the left. Among other things, you can find the Cell Identifier of a cell which might suit your purposes. Check this tool out against your existing Boron devices in the field to match the last 8 digits of the Cell Global Identity found in your device console. Hope this helps you.

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Wow, awesome. I will take a look at this since AT&T does not offer this kind of clarity.

Thanks, Chip