LTE-M National Coverage Map for ATT

Does anyone know where I can find one? After lots of debugging help from Particle it appears that the service may not be available about 30 miles SW of Austin. Wanted to see if I could check if that is indeed the issue. Thanks.

The official word from AT&T is that all locations that have 4G/LTE coverage provided by AT&T also have LTE Cat M1, so there is no separate map.

Locations serviced by an AT&T partner or roaming agreement will not have LTE Cat M1, as will any cell sites that only have HSPA+, not LTE.

Thanks @rickkas7. It must be a coverage issue with the local tower, I just got a new Boron LTE, and could not get past the “Connecting to the internet via cellular” step. It errors our by saying your device is taking too long to connect to the Internet.

I had a call with the ATT IOT team and they are going to work on identifying whether the local tower is at issue. They said while it happens sometimes, its rare. It may be an isolated issue.

@smisra1968, any updates on this? Very interested to know the answer.
FYI I build a coverage mapper with my team, very cool to see the density of towers in city vs countryside.

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