Boron LTE and Cellular.command

When will we have Cellular.command on the Boron (Date?) and will we be able to use AT+ULOC for CellLocate, GNSS or Both(Hybrid) I need Lat/Lng from ublox device. I need this If I cant get this on the boron what other device that is LTE(us) can I get this on? Is this supported on the E series?

Cellular.command will be available within a few weeks.

However, the LTE modem (u-blox SARA-R410M-02-B) does not support CellLocate. It would be difficult to use GNSS since the DDC interface isn’t exposed. This is a limitation of the modem so this is also the case with the E Series LTE.

It is possible to use the connected tower information in some cases to get a 1 tower approximate location using an external service (like Google GeoLocation) with LTE devices.

The Boron 2G/3G (SARA-U201) does support CellLocate.

What is the long term support for the SARA-U201 in North America is AT&T phasing out 3G by 2021?

In the United States, the Boron 2G/3G (u-blox SARA-U201) uses T-Mobile only, which has not set a sunset date for 3G.

The E Series E310 (u-blox SARA-U201) uses AT&T or T-Mobile, and will continue to use T-Mobile after AT&T ends 3G service.

However in general we recommend LTE in the United States, unless you need CellLocate.

Thanks for the fast response.
1 cell tower location would work.
My Question is: When Cellular.command starts working on the Boron LTE the Google Maps Geolocation will work?

Google Maps Geolocation should work on the Boron 2G/3G on the first release with Cellular.command.

There is a problem in the Cellular.command implementation that prevents the Boron LTE from being able to get the cell tower ID needed for geolocation. It will be fixed in Device OS, but it was non-trivial to fix so it won’t be available in the first Cellular.command release.