GSM Location Information on Electron


I assume the ublox GSM radio module receives location/positioning information, like any normal GSM cell phone? If so, is there a way to retrieve that information? My objective is to have “gross” positioning information available when GPS isn’t available.

Update: This does appear to be supported by the module:


Looks like at the moment this is not possible.

See this thread: Cellular.command() always returns -1 on electron


Yep; sure looks like it. I’ll open a support ticket w/Particle and see if they have any comments.


If you can get the Cellular.command() function to work, let me know.
I copy-pasted the example in the doc, flashed and got “SIM ICCID NOT FOUND!”. I also tried a number of small commands and none of them appear to work for me…


Hey All, just wanted to let you know to come and check out a Cell Locate test app here: Electron Cellular Locate Test App

Official API will be coming… but until then this has been working for me.


Hi @BDub, can you say when the official API will come ?




Cell Locate is no longer the preferred method of cell tower locating. It is not implemented on LTE cellular modems (SARA-R410M-02B), and it takes a very long time to run, which may affect the performance of other things running on the device.

The Google Maps Device Locator is another alternative that uses a webhook and the Google Geolocation service. This works on all cellular devices. Since the cell tower ID kept in Device OS already, it does not block the modem for long periods of time while locating. It also works on Wi-Fi devices.