Third-Party MFF2 SIM Card for Boron LTE/4G

I am making a custom PCB based on the Particle Boron and I don't know which MFF2 SIM card to use. I found several MFF2 SIM cards on DigiKey, but I don't know which one is for the Particle 4G/LTE network. Does anyone know which MFF2 SIM card to use for the Particle 4G/LTE network?

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have a custom device connect to the Particle cloud - it needs to be provisioned at the Particle factory with keys loaded in the MCU in order to work.
There are also regulatory issues with connecting an uncertified cellular device to the networks that need to be considered.

Additionally, the MFF2 SIM is provisioned by Particle and our MVNO partners - it cannot be purchased separately.

If you require a custom layout the M.2 modules are better suited.


Thank you for the response. For the M.2 module, can I use a standard 67 position M.2 female connector (NGFF)?

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There are multiple styles of M.2 NGFF, the B-SoM uses the E key position.

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