The third party inf does not contain digital signature information

I get the message "the third party inf does not contain digital signature information"
Windows 8 trying to install the inf file to setup the spark core by usb.

It would seem to me that there is no need to install a driver, only to run an executable to connect to the spark core.

If anyone knows of an executable that does not require the installation of the inf file, please let me know, since my laptop is restricted by my employer, and it will not allow me to install an driver.

if you have this problem, you can try to turn signature checking off:

this does not work for me either since my employer has resticted modifying startup options.

Hi @roderikv,

Essentially all the windows driver does is tell windows that the core should be treated as a virtual com port. Although this behaves correctly without any drivers on Mac and Linux, Windows is a bit more particular. We’re working on getting our driver signed, and hopefully (with some help from Microsoft) maybe we can get this support baked in as well.

Unfortunately I don’t think an executable will have much luck without a driver, but I could certainly be wrong. If someone wants to write a simple app to act as a driverless serial bridge to the core that’d be interesting!

The driver has also been talked about here: