USB driver not found

When I plugged the Spark Core into my Windows 7 64 bit computer it couldn’t find a USB driver for it. Is this a known issue? Any tips for getting it working? Where can I download the driver?

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Hi @KanyonKris,

Great question, you can find the windows virtual com port driver for the spark core here:

Hopefully it’ll have a better home on the docs pages after this sprint.


Now published on the docs!

Dave, thanks for the link, that driver worked.

I’m having trouble with the drivers on windows 8. Any chance you have signed drivers as windows 8 does not allow the installation of unsigned drives unless you boot into debug mode and enable "Disable Driver signature Enforcement”.

I have a chip antenna core, and am having trouble connecting it from both a Nexus 4, and Nexus 7.

I had trouble connecting with my Nexus 4, turns out it was my wireless router - look for the post titled:

[SUCCESS] Asus RT-N56U wireless router fix

I would have posted a link but it wasn’t allowed.

I am also unable to use the Spark Core usb serial connection because the driver is not signed, and cannot be installed by Windows 8 users.

As Spartas says, you can get around it with a great deal of difficulty, but it makes the entire system unsafe and insecure, and should not ever be done.

Hi @baylf2000,

We’re working on getting that serial driver signed, and I agree it definitely should be. As Spark grows, I’m hoping we can eventually also go through the whole certification process, ideally I’d love by-default built in support for the Core. (Hint Hint: anybody at Microsoft)

Hopefully we’ll be able to release a signed version soon. Fortunately it’s a very simple driver, and can be opened and read if you’re worried about what it’s doing. Mostly it’s just telling windows that USB things with the Spark Core’s USB IDs (1d50:607f) can be treated as a virtual com port.

We’ll post the signed version here as soon as we have it!


Hi @Dave,

I just got my Spark Core and ran into this problem as well, which was very disappointing.

Funny thing is, I work in the Microsoft Hardware Certification program. Is there someone’s contact info I can pass along to our partner engagement team to provide you with help?


Hey @jdominic,

Hey nice! I would love any advice or help you could offer, it’d be awesome if the core had the same virtual com port support on Windows as it does on Mac / Linux. Please feel free to forward my contact info ( to whoever can help!


When installing the driver I get this error : This device does not start. (Code 10)


What are you doing with the USB? DFU or Serial? And which platform are you on? Windows/linux/mac

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