The support email said, "Thanks for writing to Particle!"

this is a request that anyone from Particle reading who has the capability to do something about the issue will give it a try. overall, the issue is related to a pre-order. as the 01/03/19 email from Particle below states everyone at Particle was on holiday break at the time i sent my request on 1/3/19. but the system gave me ticket 72526. which was fine with me i’m all for holiday. breaks. however, on 1/11/19 (last friday) i sent a reply with the ticket number in the subject header. i’ve heard nothing. so after 2 weeks of nothing i guess next option is to take it here. thanks for any help anyone at Particle can provide. btw, i really like the “much love” that closes Kevins’ email.

"Hi, there!

Thanks for writing to us! Your email has been entered as a support ticket in our system. Particle is currently on our holiday break so responses may take a little longer than normal. Just in case you’re asked by one of our customer support agents, your ticket ID is 72526. You can also reference this if it’s related to any future issues you may have.

If you need extra speedy tech support, you may want to do a search or start a thread on our community at Not only are the folks there incredibly awesome and nice, but they may be able to help you out while our team is on our holiday break.

Much love,
Kevin Monk
Customer Operations Manager"

FYI @kmmonk