The Particle Trello Board

Have you ever wished you knew more about what Particle is working on? How about new and cool community projects? Now you can find out what’s new on the Particle Developer’s Trello Board!

This awesome board lets you see what Particle is currently working on their current two-week sprint, and what we plan to work on next sprint.

You can also see issues currently in Particle’s backlog-- things we’d like to get to but don’t have time for in the coming four weeks. Get more info by clicking on an issue.

If you see something in the backlog that you’d like to be involved in, then write to @christine on the Particle Community or email her at If you take over a project in the backlog, you’ll get ownership of that project and your community name will be listed along with any relevant links (community, github) for people to go to if they want to see the progress of the project or get involved.

If you are a Level 4 Community Member, congratulations! You get to edit, add, and administrate issues directly. Hooray!


If there is something that we’d like to discuss from a Trello board/list/card, where would be the ideal place for that discussion? Under the card activities? Developer Slack? In the forums? Particle.publish(...) events to the firehose?

Hahaha firehose all the things!

Good question, @wgbartley. Let’s put things in the Community Resources board for now, tagged at the beginning of the search with [Trello] . Sound good?

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