Welcome New Members to the Forum! Resources, Projects, Tutorial Videos, and more

Hi all! I’d like to take a minute to welcome new customers to the forums and introduce all the resources available:

  • Projects Site – The perfect place to share your Particle project and browse community projects for inspiration

  • Tutorial Videos To get you started – based on the contents of the Particle Maker Kit, these tutorial videos walk you through setup and several starter projects.

  • Developer Slack– Aka the Particle Collider, a place for contributors to connect with each other

  • Connect your GitHub– Add your GitHub profile

  • Customer Support Portal - Stuck? Feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

We’d also like to take a minute and encourage you to post projects, questions, ideas, or even musings here in the Particle Forums. We strive to build and support an inclusive community that embraces individuals of all skill levels! For more information about how to post and forum etiquette, see this post.

Have fun and happy building!