The Particle Collider (A.K.A. Particle Developer Slack)

We now have the Particle Collider– a Slack channel for Particle Developers!

This open slack channel contains all those who have contributed to the Particle platform through pull requests or project shares.

To join the Particle Collider, send a PM to @clarissa on the community with your most recent commit, project share, or tutorial, or email her at She will invite you through the email you used to join our forums.

Guidelines for Use

The rules for the Particle Collider are pretty much the same as the community rules. In order to keep the Particle Collider a safe, friendly, and productive environment, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Be friendly. No profanity in messages, channel names, etc. Refrain from harassment, which includes but is not limited to name-calling, profanity, racism, sexism, and general rudeness.
  • Respect individuals and their time. People in the Particle Developer community are volunteering their time. They often have other jobs and responsibilities. Please be patient and respectful when asking them for help or assigning issues to them. This especially applies to Particle employees who might be hanging out on the Particle Collider but aren’t @clarissa. They are probably doing six other things during the workday (which varies greatly depending on what side of the world they are on!), so take care before you PM or @ them.
  • Beware of Usernames. Slack will notify people when anyone writes their username in a channel. If you are talking about but not wanting to notify Clarissa, you should say her name as Clari.ssa or C larisa or any variation thereof. Otherwise she will think you need her right away!
  • Stay on topic. When you’re hanging out in a channel, keep the discussion to the subject of that channel.
  • Read and listen. Check out the other resources, like the community forums and the Particle Developers Trello Board, before you ask your question or bring up an issue. It may already have been answered or brought up.
  • Provide User Stories. When addressing an issue, you must provide a user story to go with it. User stories are in the format: As a .... I want .... so that .... For example, a user story on documentation might read: As a javascript enthusiast, I want all the variables in the ParticleJS section to be camelCased so that I can read it free of distraction.

Just updated this info-- @clarissa is our new Dev Engagement person and any PMs regarding the Particle Collider can go to her!

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The email address does no longer exist:

Can you add me to the slack channel?



Christine and Clarissa are not working at Particle anymore, but we can ping @will (since Jerrytron has also gone missing :wink: )

Thanks @ScruffR

@will can you add me please to the slack channel? Thanks

Yes! Will do it now :slight_smile: sorry for the delay