Statuses for everything in one place?

Do we have a topic or a public bugtracker what would make it easier to monitor current issues/feature statuses and estimates(most interesting part)?

By now I’ve encountered instabilities in basically everything I am going to use :smiley:

Serial1: No ring buffer, ETA named: 21.02.2014
I2C: buggy, unstable, is being rewriten by @timb at the moment. No ETA named.
TCPClient: Saw a 9 days old message by @Dave it is being rewritten too and already pushed to github, but not sure if Web IDE has already received these updates. Current status?
CFOD: Top priority issue with CC3000, no ETA as bug reason still not 100% found. Spark is working with TI team.

Any other issues?
I personally would like to see this as some one page with table, not with tons of forum topics with many duplicates.

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I agree, having led large engineering teams in the past I learned the hard way the importance of keeping your customers involved in the entire sprint process.

Take a look here, may answer some of your questions.

Short answer is there is a private backlog maintained by the engineers that we don’t get to see. But they take input via the forum and github.

But kudos to Spark, they’ve done an amazing job so far and are in the early days of development.

Thanks! :smile:

Serial1 -> Our firmware guys have committed code for this, but it’s still undergoing testing. The firmware is open source and on Github, so you can track that progress here:

I2C -> I think this is still undergoing improvement, but lots has been improved and incorporated already.

TcpClient -> A ton of awesome pull requests are being tested and merged in, you can track that here: and here:

CFOD -> We’re actively talking with TI, and we’ve sent them test units. They’re working on a fix for this problem, and we’ll have more information next week hopefully when they’ve worked on it some more. We suspect this has to do with buffer exhaustion on the CC3000 which is made worse on busy networks, they recognize this is a problem and we’re working with them to resolve it.

I agree, and we’re still trying to find the best way to keep everyone involved with issues that span more than one sprint. :smile:


Can you calrify a bit about current Serial1 status
I am having an issue currently, when Serial1 writing works ok, but I am able to read only 1 first byte of the response.
Same code worked on arduino. I have troubles locating issue

Hi @ryotsuke,

That Serial1 fix and testing I mentioned earlier hasn’t been rolled out to the build site and the stable branches yet, still being tested. Make sure when you’re reading from Serial that you read everything that’s available.

while(Serial.available()) { var =; }


I reduced man loop to only
Still I get only one byte in response. I’ve checked specifically on 2 different external boards - only 1 byte is received.
I’m testing with Garan Aduio module ( ) that communicates well with arduino )

Perhaps a logic analiser would be more helpfull, but I’ve got only USB osclill - request to Garan
And a responce sample:

Hardware is sending data

When do you plan on rolling changes to web IDE?

Early this coming week we’ll roll current firmware master out to the web IDE. We wanted to get it done this past week, but the QA testing is still ongoing—lots has changed! :smiley: It will probably be mentioned in the forum somewhere, but you can find out for yourself by checking for the compile-server2 branch to be up to date with master—right now it’s at Jan 31:

We are also going to give a new tool called a try to give even more visibility into what we’re working on. Look for a blog post on Monday!

We’ve moved our backlog for the firmware repository to Github issues:

If this works well we will do so for other parts of the project too.

And here’s the thing that @zachary mentioned:


“Resease” on stands for Web IDE branch?

Yeah, that’s the idea; it’s a bit limited because really it means that an issue has been closed. But there are other reasons that an issue might be closed (i.e. we just choose not to do it). So check the comments for details.