The dimmed D7 LED of death

Hi guys, today the power went down and back up few times, perhaps 3 or 4 times in a couple of minutes.

Out of the three photons I had running with different projects around the house, I found one that would not activate any digital output. I’m sure the firmware was still running, since I was able to run cloud functions on it that would send me push notifications. For that matter, digital inputs were working perfectly fine as well, since I have this one plugged to my garage and it was showing the real status of the door.
It was behaving almost normal with the exception that digital outputs were not functional, well, at least D0 was not operational.
This photon is mounted in the first version of the particle relay board.

I thought maybe the power interruption burned something inside the photon, until I observed that the D7 was lit, dimmed.
Flashing Tinker and testing the board with the Particle app proved that the digital output was still operational. So flashed back my garage controller firmware and all went back to normal.

Now, this is all great because this happened in a photon I have at home, but can’t stop wondering what would happen if this photon was in a customer’s product.

So, my questions:

  • what was happening in the photon’s mind? :smile:
  • can this situation be avoided via firmware?

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What’s the RGB led status when you see that D7 is dimmed?

Hi Kenneth, it was breathing cyan, as when normally connected to the cloud.