Low voltage operation resulting in flash corruption

I have had multiple instances of the photon corrupting its flash when operating at low voltage.
This is a solar powered project that uses a small solar cell and lipo battery. I am using the low power sleep mode where the photon wakes every 30 minutes and reports data.

The photon will inevitably fail into a setup mode with a fast blue flash. The photon can be connected to and you can attempt to reset the wifi credintials but it will not connect to the cloud.

The fix was this:
Use the command line, plug in, put into DFU mode and run the following commands in this order.

particle keys doctor YOUR_DEVICE_ID_GOES_HERE
particle keys server
particle flash --usb tinker

Then re-flash your program

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There are some discussions on the forum for this issue and you need to prevent these low voltage situations since next time you may be less lucky and end up with a device stuck in a situation like this
Bug Bounty: Electron not booting after battery discharges completely
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The dimmed D7 LED of death

Some threads also suggest some code that tries to prevent such conditions.

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