Ten big global challenges technology could solve - can you help?

Yesterday I learned about a Particle device that may help in one of those challenges, and feel tempted to ask the community if there were more.

In any case, I leave the article here, as it may be a source of inspiration for our future projects.

Here’s the list of projects I believe can help there:


Earthquake Early-Warning systems for the world
For years costly EEW systems have been exclusive to a handful of governments. At Grillo we have developed an affordable and rapidly-deployable alternative. We wish to democratize this life-saving technology by sharing our data, detection algorithms and even hardware schematics. Ready to start?

Contact: @grillo
Web Site


inspiring community-based environmental awareness and actions focused on global ocean health

The belief that underlies The Smartfin Project is that collaborative partnerships and open dialogue between experts, scholars and engaged, empowered citizens is the only way to affect the kind of large-scale, meaningful change necessary to combat society’s most daunting challenges.

Contact: @supscientist
Web site

Project Canary

Our mission is to reduce the release of methane into our atmosphere.

When it comes to global warming, methane is 80 times worse that CO2. And methane makes up 11% of the US emissions. If you were going to commit to working a challenge of global importance, reducing methane would surely be on your short list.

About six years ago the oil and gas industry overtook cow farts as the leading source of methane emissions. Natural gas is about 80% methane, and when it is burned it is a very clean energy source. The industry doesn’t want to leak methane. It is their product and they would rather sell the natural gas. The problem is that methane is odorless, invisible, and slightly lighter than air. Until now the only way to detect a methane leak was to drive around with an IR camera and visually inspect each well. There are over 970,000 producing wells in the US.

With support from Particle and lots of other really smart people we may have come up with a solution.

Contact: @Darmitage
Web site

Any others?

Post them below please and I will update this list!


Looks great ! thanks for sharing - I wasn’t aware of this.

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