Temperature and humidity monitor 1

Hello good day i wonder if anybody can help me. I have tried for a while but not getting through im trying to set up a particle argon a lcd screen, feather board,relay board and temperature and humidity sensor to monitor the Temperature and humidity. I need help in writing of codes the communication between components is I2C. This is the list of items i have to start the project.

1.Argon Wi-Fi Development Board
2.Temperature and humidity sensor:
SHT31 Weather-proof Temperature & Humidity Sensor
3.Feather Screw Terminal For Particle and Feather Modules
4. 2-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Controller + 6 GPIO with I2C Interface
5.SunFounder IIC I2C TWI Serial 2004 20x4 LCD Module Shield Compatible with Arduino R3 Mega2560

Can someone help me please?


Hi Shazam-

Thanks for reaching out. Have you checked out Hackster at all? There are some similar projects there that can give you a general idea of what to do.