Teaching High School Robotics with the Spark Photon

Grove Seeedstudio 128x64 I2C OLED (Small screen for the Photon) example at

Recently used my new Pulse Sensor from RobotShop.com but I think it originally came from http://pulsesensor.com/

In the Particle.io build IDE I searched for a library with the word “pulse” in it. Found PULSESENSORAMPED_ARDUINO_1DOT4 and clicked “Include in App”. Connected the purple wire to A2 and It worked immediately but I found the sensor very finicky. Only seemed to work well on my neck and only if I held it very still.

Probably will not be using it, unless a student wants to work on improving it’s reliability.

Not really sure why it uses an interrupt timer. The analogRead values seem to hover around 2020-2050, seems to me like an easier and just as unreliable way could be used to identify the pulse rate. Even though I will not be using it, thanks to @peekay123 for making it available for the Photon. (And also for making it so easy to get running by using the libraries :grinning: )

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I have a whole bunch of serial boards that I will need to connect with the Photon so I will need to learn how to port Arudino include files. Here is a set of postings that talks about these issues.

The github template is at GitHub - hpssjellis/arduino-includes-to-photon-template: A template for porting Arduino include files to the Particle.io Photon or Spark

but I strongly suggest working in the particle.io build IDE first (manually importing Arduino .h and .cpp include files with .ino or .cpp examples ) since using Github and publishing your library has a few quirks that are irritating for beginners.

Here is some stuff about a fingerprint scanner. I made a classroom attendance gizmo.

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Now having a look at my Robotics Curriculum which I taught sep 2015 and hopefully will teach again Sept 2016. The site is at