Take turn flash the green and breath the blue

yesterday after transitioning from the local cloud to spark cloud, my spark core constantly breathed the blue, and sometimes flash the yellow.

so I followed the http://community.spark.io/t/help-with-breathing-blue-led/6242/7 with these steps.

Going through
1.) spark flash --factory tinker
2.) spark flash --usb cc3000

after that, my spark core is in red and green color state, I can’t go into the listening state.

Never seen this combination before.

Did you flash the :spark: public key to the core as well?

anyway, after doing these steps

1.) spark flash --factory tinker
2.) spark flash --usb cc3000

i didn’t flash the public key to the core, should I do this

now the state is, the led light will takes turn flashing the green and then breathing the blue for minutes each. What is the reason for this

You should. Those colour pattern you mentioned are not common/unheard of.

Do try flashing the spark cloud online key and see what happens first :sunny:

hi, @kennethlimcp, I have used the factory mode.

and I tried to load the cloud key into the core, and change the profile into the spark profile. The key is downloaded from here spark: cloud public key file is here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/spark-website/cloud_public.der

$ spark keys server default_key.pub.pem
$ spark config spark

it shows

Current profile: spark
Using API: https://api.spark.io
Access token: 6ab2620822aa368717cd11aa159def3b5f0d450c

but still it shows the flashing green light for 1 minute and breathing blue for minutes, and take turns.
anything wrong . Is the IP for spark cloud?


you don’t need to enter an IP address.

It is already encoded in the cloud_public.der file so all you have to do is spark keys server cloud_public.der and it will be ok :wink:

Hi,@kennethlimcp, I still didn’t get it with no luck by putting the cloud key into the core, the core still behaves as usual, flashing green and then breathing blue, and then flashing green, then breathing blue, forever likethis.

previously I put the local key and started local server, it worked, but now even the local key and config profile is correct, the local server can’t get anything. so it does for the cloud server.

could it be the problem when I did these

1.) spark flash --factory tinker
2.) spark flash --usb cc3000

now I have no clue what to do now

Is there a way to reset everything back the factory mode including everything?

That’s not possible since it will take up too much memory for this feature.

We will be able to help you get it working though.

Thanks, @kennethlimcp, flashing green is about connecting to wifi, and breathing blue means the core is connecting the cloud, is that right? so when the core has not been connected to the cloud for a long time, it will fall back to connect to wifi again, so that is why it just take turns flashing green and breathing blue always, is that making sense?

what steps should I take now, I got no clue now.

Can you take a video of the light sequence?

You might be referring breathing cyan as breathing blue

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Hi, @kennethlimcp, I haven’t played the spark core for a week, and today I made a reset and turned it on again.

the spark core will takes turn repeating these steps.

  1. flashing quickly cyan(blue and green) light for the most time
  2. and then flashing quickly green light (for seconds)
  3. again flashing quickly cyan for sometime
  4. at last, flashing red light in normal speed.

here is my video https://www.dropbox.com/s/lxzu2gtkuv4sfqu/IMG_0444.MOV?dl=0

  • Are you trying to use local :cloud:?
  • Seems like it is unable to connect to the internet according to the light sequence.

Hi,@kennethlimcp, you are right, the spark core is really connecting to my local server. which I can see the output from my local server.

However, there is one point very strange to me. I made the spark into yellow light, which is the config mode.
And I input these two commands.

spark config spark
spark config identify

which I can see the output like this

Current profile: spark
Using API: https://api.spark.io
Access token: 6ab2620822aa368717cd11aa159def3b5f0d450c

and when I reset the spark core, I find it is still connected to my local server. why the spark config spark doesn’t seem to work ?

@helxsz, yellow light is DFU mode, not LISTEN mode. To get into that mode, press and hold the MODE button (don’t touch the RESET button) until the LED starts blinking blue. :smile:

thanks,@peekay123, I know yellow light is DFU. I did mean to bring the core into the DFU mode in order to change its config to spark cloud. right now my spark core is in the local cloud, but so far no matter how I change the config setting “spark config spark”, the spark core can’t use the spark cloud, always linking to the local cloud.