I have a Argon running 0.9.0 code with a very simple app. When within WiFi range it will connect normally during startup.

Once I shutdown the WiFI AP for more than 15 minutes and turn it back on, the Argon will never reconnect just blinks green.

Is this by design, is there a timeout for the reconnect in automatic mode? Should I be using the semi automatic mode if I expect a poor WiFi network? Also, if the Boron is installed in a mobile condition where it may not reconnect to the same tower every-time is a semi automatic mode most appropriate ?

In System_Mode(Automatic) , the Argon should automatically connect or constantly try connect to Wifi anytime it looses a connection or wakes up just like the Photon does flawlessly.

Not if all you want is to have the Argon automatically connect to Wifi.

The Boron will automatically connect to a cellular tower when in range of one and will continue attempting to connect to a tower when it loses connection to a cellular tower.

If you want to keep control over your device while it’s been disconnected unexpectedly you may want to try out SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) in combination with any SYSTEM_MODE()