Swiss post. My experience

Hi, I have some experience with this post. Shipping was very long. I even got refund from ebay. Sipping was China to Ireland.

Tracking nr to prove it: RU466174135CH
You can check it here:

So Christmas will be without cores… and if story repeats… I’ll see them in February… if I see them, cause I moved house recently…

@Xloras That can not have been fun, but we’re really hopeful that because these packages are small they will be going quickly. Hope you’ll give it a bit of time. If mentally willing the mail to go faster works then they should arrive in no time b/c that’s pretty much all I’m thinking about :smile:

No, Swiss post is slow as hell for everything. Package size does not really matters. At least for Belarus/Russia/Ukraine it wont be less than 30 dyas in non-holidays period. In New-Year it will be at least 45 days. I have one package shipped with Swiss about 30 days ago and it is not even imported to our country

Sorry @Xloras @ryotsuke, these issues aren’t really in our control; at this point almost everything has already shipped, so all we can do is hope for a relatively quick delivery.

Surprise, surprise :smile:

And some blinking :smile: :

I’m really didn’t aspect have it so fast.

Tnx all Spark team for putting :smile: on my face.


Mine was mailed December 21 and it departed Singapore ~30 minutes later. After that there have been no tracking events. It kind of sucks, because any other shipping companies I have used have informed me what happens in between of origin and destination countries. I’m quite sure they won’t fly straight from Singapore to here.

But thanks to you @Xloras , I now know that I could receive my package (or letter from customs) next week. I see your took ~22days and mine has travelled day or few less than that.

Normally 3 weeks isn’t that bad from Asia to Europe, but in holiday season time have been twice as slow as usual. :sleeping:

My package did indeed arrive today.

But what makes this very interesting is that tracking code that was send to me via email is still updated 21. december in Singapore. Today I got an arrival notice letter that had very different, but still Swiss Post’s tracking code. This new code only shows few events this week.

Original code:

Sat 21.12.2013 16:34 Mailed Swiss Post SINGAPORE
Sat 21.12.2013 16:34 Arrival at border point of origin country Swiss Post SINGAPORE
Sat 21.12.2013 16:34 Departure from border point of origin country Swiss Post SINGAPORE
Sat 21.12.2013 16:59 Departed transit country Swiss Post SINGAPORE
Sat 21.12.2013 16:59 Departure from border point of origin country Swiss Post SINGAPORE

New code:

Tue 14.01.2014 09:24 Arrival at border point of origin country CH-8010 Zürich 1 Transit
Tue 14.01.2014 09:24 Departure from border point of origin country CH-8010 Zürich 1 Transit
Wed 15.01.2014 17:41 Arrival at border point of destination country FIHELA
Wed 15.01.2014 17:41 Handed to customs FIHELA

Customs didn’t check package, maybe because label said it “content: PCB, worth: 13$”. But the content was 100% what I expected.

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I finally got my cores today! I was not impressed by the time swisspost took to a) Ship to Geneva then b) ship to Canada. Seem bass ackwards that they would not ship directly. It took over a month to receive. Anyway, I was impressed by the packaging, the presentation and the fact that all but one of my five cores connected quickly - the fifth has a u.fl antenna connector and I don’t have an antenna yet. When I power up a core, it connects to wifi within 3 seconds! Now comes the real work.

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Mine’s in transit since Dec.21 - from the tracking info, it’s been idling at a nearby airport for the last 3 weeks - maybe waiting for customs to check it out. Maybe they are having some breadboard fun with the core?

Finally! It arrived yesterday. 1 month before customs would pick it up. 2 months to clear customs. I had to demonstrate beyond doubt what it costed. Paid 20 eur in taxes.

I complained to customs about the delay - it’s a small package with origin country Switzerland (it’s routed through there apparently): “could have been a watch”!

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