Support for AWS IoT

I am building a platform to monitor current consumption using photon. However, I require connection to AWS IoT to make it work with my other services. Could you please tell me if it is possible to incorporate AWS IoT platform in Photon?

If you give the search function a try, you’ll find that you’re not the first discussing this :wink:

Which I think will tell you the same answer you will undoubtedly get for any service that doesn’t have a dedicated Integration built for it.
“Yes, use a Webhook”

I would imagine at some point another solution will appear that is more like the Google/Azure integration, it would make sense given Particle is already on AWS.

From what I have heard Particle is working on AWS integration also but I’m not sure when this will be ready.

All - is there any update to the topic since Jan-'17? Is there a method, instruction, tutorial on how to get connected?

I have a host of IoT sensor data which I’d like to send through to AWS for storage and visualisation.

Hi, long time ago I worked on a Particle - AWS API project and documented what I did here and here:

Maybe it can be of help?