Creating your own API for Particle with Amazon Web Services

I set out to build a small sleep sensor with a Photon, the Internet Button and AWS. I wrote up the results of the project as a step by step guide to setting up your own API for processing Particle webhook data. I’d love to hear what the community thinks, or ways I can improve the writeup.

Full Post: Serverless IoT with Particle and AWS


This was incredibly helpful! I just wanted to say thank you! As someone coming from relational databases, with no experience in NoSQL, I’d love to see a “part 2” explaining how to query and chart the data!

Thank you for the positive feedback @Derek!

I’ll work on creating a part 2 that processes the data stored in the table. In the meantime, the Lambda function does have a small scan query toward the bottom in the form of a function to determine if data should be written. You can use this as a small jumping off point for more in depth queries or scans.

Nice one! Thanks for the info.

I’ve been looking at their new IoT stuff as well and trying to figure out how to get it to work with particle.

Hi, this is a really cool idea.
I have been looking into uses for my Internet button and have been focused mainly on treating it as an output device, but this is a really neat use of the accelerometer.

I used a similar setup with AWS to make a github pull request notifier for work (