AWS Connectivity with Particle


I am new to the particle platform and wanted to know what is best way to connect Particle Photon or Argon to Dynamo DB on AWS. I was able to locate the integrated webhooks for Azure, Google Cloud, but nothing for AWS? I came across a few posts talking about creating about an API, Is that the only way? Are there any others way this can be done?

There are some other projects that use AWS/Lambda/Dynamo:

The vehicle tracker with maps project but the full project is on

How about @gusgonnet project for email notifications using AWS:

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I did that one, I can help a bit - although it’s been a while and I’ve used Google Cloud (GCP) more for the last 2 years. Mostly you have to create an endpoint on API Gateway on AWS and associate with some code (e.g. nodeJS) to handle the request and store in dynamoDB. The major burden for me - at the time - was to convert the format of the data to JSON but I might have done it wrong at that time.

In fact GCP and AWS have a very similar (not to say identical) system, so the hassle is mostly in implementing the code.