Suggestion - Podcast

I think it would be great if a bi-weekly or monthly podcast was produced. It could cover things like firmware updates, breaking changes, hardware changes tips/tricks upcoming plans, etc. Guests could also be invited to talk about things like use cases, struggles, stories on how they started using Particle, etc.

I think it would be a great way to bring the community together even more! I listen to one similar called Home Assistant Podcast for Home Automation and I absolutely love it!

Check it out to see the structure of their broadcasts. I would love to see more IoT type podcasts out there to listen to!


I agree… would love to see some IoT podcasts from similar users in the Particle Community. What other podcasts does this community listen to? I personally enjoy and often listen in to the following:

I just found predictable designs a few day’s ago and seems very applicable in other entrepreneurs building connected or at least electronics based products. I’m only 1-2 episodes in so far but I think I’ll get some good inspiration from it. In the absence of a Particle.IO specific Podcast… what other podcasts or resources do you find useful either electronics, IoT or technology related. Would be great to hear what others in this community are listening too… reading, etc. Feel free to share here:

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I will have to look into those, I do already listen to Stacy. Some of the ones that I listen to that are not listed are:

Not directly related to Particle, but they do often get the brain juices flowing which can result in some really neat projects!

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