"Introducing Particle" coming to Twitch this week!

:wave: everyone!

Just wanted to briefly share that we’re starting a new interview-style series this Friday on the Particle Twitch account, “Introducing Particle.” My first guest is our very own Sr. Hardware Engineer (and Instagram sensation!) @mohit! If you’re able, please join us on Friday at 12 pm Central for a live chat, and bring your questions for Mohit! Oh, and please follow our Twitch account to be notified whenever we go live!

And no worries if you can’t make it, I’ll get the video up on the Particle YouTube channel after the stream.

“Introducing Particle” is intended to be a discussion series where we talk to the Particle employees, developers and customers building IoT solutions. That includes you! So if you have a story to tell or something cool to share, send me a PM and let’s get you on our Twitch channel!

See you Friday!



@mohit Makes some cool electronic stuff!

I’ll try to catch the stream, should be interesting to hear his story.


Caught the replay!

Good Questions @bsatrom

It was a good interview!

Looking forward to the next.


Thanks @RWB, glad you were able to watch! I’m excited about the next one too. Should be a great conversation with @zachary on the 15th!

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YouTube tutorials, Hackster projects, Twitch channel, nice work Brandon!
EDIT: it’s very interesting to watch interviews to Particle people, in this case Mohit.
Also looking forward to the 15th


:smiley: Thanks @gusgonnet!