Suggestion for next Tinker App release

Hi all, I’m new to this forum, I hope I’m not bringing up something that has already been discussed here. I’ve just started using the basic Tinker App and it seems to fit my needs without having to write additional code, at least for the moment. Yet, I think that if one easy additional feature were added to it, it would open interesting possibilities. Currently you can only define pins to be analogRead, digitalWrite, and so on, but if one could also attach a “next” action to a pin, in terms of what other pin should be triggered when the defined event occurs on the former, and with which delay, the possibilities of the basic App would expand tremendously, like creating flip-flops, toggles, and very many other behaviors that currently require one to write code. I believe that this is a simple feature to implement with the curent Tinker app code, but it would dramatically expand its capabilities.

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Hi @carlo61j,

Thanks for posting! That’s a fun idea, a semi-automated Tinker app for more involved Tinker projects. I’ll pass it along. :slight_smile: