White Label Tinker app or presets?

Wouldn’t it be great if the Tunker app had the ability to save presets. Saving configs per project would be a great feature.

Being able to change pin labels, such as ‘lounge light’, ‘lamp’ etc would be very cool. The final act of customization would then be to change the background image.

Another possibility would be to open source the Xcode project so users could make custom apps. If the project contained variables for pin labels and a simple image view as a background it would make developing a custom app a breeze.

A good idea?


Hi @craiglockwood,

Fun idea! I think this has the Xcode project for the iOS app - https://github.com/spark/ios-app :slight_smile:

I hope that helps!


Ah, just found that @Dave, thanks.

Having a manifest file where you could label pins and remove unwanted pins would make things so much easier.

Easy enough to implement?


I suggested it and many others have been suggesting this very thing for over a year now and counting.

I think the way to get this done is to hold our own Kickstarter Campaign for these popular options.

The Below Mod was rejected:

@BDub Remote app that you could tweak to your liking like I did: (Click image - Github Files)


Or My HTML/jQuery (rework of other spark core members including @BDub as I am no programmer)



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@craiglockwood, have you seen my Android ExtTinkerApp?
I have already got the hiding of pins implemented and that is also stored across sessions in a work in progress version (see demo video - beware 120MB).
Different presets are not there yet, but easy to add.
The custom background image wouldn’t be to complicated, either.
More difficult will be the pin naming - due to lack of space, but a possible workaround might be to put the lables in the background image.

(Darn @spydrop beat me to it :wink: )


Just got lots of time on my hands.

I viewed your demo and that’s awesome. Is it ready for prime time ? Just needs Naming Pin Option and good to go ?

I suggest your mod could be the first Kickstarter Campaign :thought_balloon: to get it in to production. It could :spark: a trend (pun intended) :stars: to fund the finish or your Extended Tinker and other popular options for both software and hardware

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This is a great idea… has been much talked about… and I think is a missing piece of the offering from Spark.

The Cloud is there, API, Web IDE, CLI, wrappers in many languages, many many many example projects…

But there is still not a nice little customizable iOS/Android app that integrates all of that power and functionality… something any user with no programming experience can handle. Someone that just wants to buy a Spark Core, and/or buy a shield or product, and then load up a custom “template” or “profile” for the Tinker app that converts it into a dedicated controller / information feedback display with a couple clicks. Or create their own custom profile with just a few more clicks.

This could be huge :wink:

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Hey Guys,

Extending our mobile apps and offerings is something we want to do, but haven’t had the resources to do internally yet. That’s partly why we’re hiring our first full-time mobile developer https://jobs.lever.co/spark/2f4c06ee-7e00-4a54-b333-0dba1f6e53be :slight_smile:



@spydrop: Apart from beeing a bit messy, since I still have lots of test code as comments loitering about in the code, and one tiny pin-coloring glitch it would be ready - as is.
However, optional pin-setup presets and custom background could be added, if there was call for it (or someone else just takes my fork to do it).
For pin naming, I’m not sure of where to put the names once the pins have their HIGH/LOW indicators or the analog bars sitting next.