Stuck in flashing magenta mode

Hi all

I received two photons today and both seem to be stuck in some sort of firmware update loop (perhaps?).
I can successfully connect via the Particle app and the device connects to the cloud (breathing cyan). Then about 5 seconds after, it starts flashing magenta (at which stage I assume it is trying to update firmware). The problem is, it seems that no matter how long I leave it, the firmware update does not complete. The flashing becomes intermittent at some stages, then usually after maybe 5 minutes. It will breath cyan again for a few seconds and then start flashing magenta all over again.
I’m on satellite internet so I thought perhaps my ping might be affecting the update procedure, so I went and connected via a 3G hotspot, with the same results…

Any ideas?

Yes totally. The ping is causing issues.

Can you try installing DFU-util (search in the tutorial section for instructions) and we can proceed from there to perform the update via USB.

Thanks, even ping issues over a 3G cell network? I’m planning on using these devices on a variety of networks which may include satellite connections. Is there any plans down the track to support firmware updates at a slower ping? I assume that even if I do update via USB, I won’t be able to flash software OTA on satellite then?


If you are using the Photon to OTA user firmware, that’s fine since the binary is only a few KB big with the great firmware improvements. However, for a system firmware update, it’s updating almost 400KB of data and that requires good connectivity.

User firmware update is usually done with 3-10 magenta flashes. Gone in a blink of an eye :wink:

Thanks @kennethlimcp, got there in the end, after flashing both part one and two into the same memory locations… Might be a good idea for me to include a USB port on production boards as well!

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We have added some stability fixes in 0.4.4 that will help make OTA updates more reliable over high-latency connections, and there are changes in the cloud that help with older firmware versions. Yay! :smile:

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Awesome, thanks @mdma!