Breathing magenta for four hours +

I recently released a firmware update to my photon fleet (over one hundred units). Two out of ten that were still still my office got stuck breathing magenta for over four hours. I had to manually reset them to get the update to run to completion. Heaven knows how many field units are stuck in this mode. The ten in the office are all linked to the same enterprise grade wifi router, and they are all in the same room - so it cant be a signal strength issue.
I would have thought there would be a timeout in the OTA update system that would reset the device to its previous state.

These sorts of OTA issues still seem to occur far more often than I’m comfortable with - no commercial operator wants an upgrade to brick a customers device.

Are Particle putting priority resource into the various OTA issues?

Hi @twospoons,

Jeff here, a product manager at Particle. Sorry you’re running into issues with releasing product firmware. From what I gather, you have released an application firmware that was compiled against a newer version of Device OS — which when sent to your devices, puts them into safe-mode.

Safe mode healer should kick in, however, in this case. Seems like this isn’t happening for some reason with your devices. Can you DM me some of the device IDs of devices that are stuck in safe-mode? We could dig in further.