[Photon] Led flashing Magenta with unknown code

Hi there,

I have a Photon, that remains with white led fixed.

So, I followed the guide Firmware Update and the update works well.

After the upgrade I put the photon into discovery mode ( ed blue blinking) and through the Android app, I connected the photon to my WiFi network. At the end of registration procedure, the led start to blink magenta but the blinking period is not constant (something random).

After that, the photon restarts and it blink green for all the time.

How can be the problem?
Something goes wrong?

Thanks for the help.


That post is from 2015, so not sure what version Device OS you installed with that.

As of now, you’d just get the latest verion of CLI (currently 1.30.0) and then run particle update which would (currently) flash v0.7.0 to your device.

That suggests that you have some old Device OS but application firmware targeting a higher version. The random blinking signals an ongoing OTA update (probably Safe Mode Healer updating your Device OS).

So to get some common ground to start off from do this

  • make sure you have CLI 1.30.0 (check via particle --version)
  • put your device in DFU Mode
  • run particle flash --usb tinker
  • run particle update
  • run particle flash --usb tinker
  • clear WiFi credentials by holding SETUP button for 10+ seconds till rapid blue blinking
  • reapply WiFi credentials via particle serial wifi
  • check whether device is now behaving correct, if not report back