Startup Tutorials?

Anxiously awaiting my Core. When can we expect to see getting started tutorials and samples? It would be nice to have a repository ahead of getting our cores so we can hit the road running when the package arrives :smile:

We’re planning on publishing everything on delivery day, Nov 18 - it’ll take a few days for Cores to arrive, so you should have some time to get started :smile:

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But… but… Zach… we want it now :slight_smile:

Every day we’re checking the status page for a post saying “Hey the cores are finished a bit sooner than expected, we’ll ship them in an hour or so” :slight_smile:

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I know, me too :slight_smile: In the meantime our documentation is pretty messy because we’re still completing a few pieces of the software puzzle, but soon we’ll have a chance to clean it up and push it out!

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Here you go!

Great, thx. Did a quick skim. Where can we find the Android app? Could not find it on Play.

Android app will go live next week! And it’ll be published on Github shortly thereafter.