SPI on Particle Photon

I asked a similar question last week - PT100 MAX31865 Temperature Sensor - although now I have narrowed down the problem to a more specific topic. Still using this library - https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_MAX31865

Last week, I was trying to get an RTD temperature sensor to work with a Particle Photon’s SPI spins - I used both the device itself and also with a Shield that is supposed to let it have an Arduino’s same outputs. Both of which didn’t work; I would still get an RTD value of 0.

However, today I borrowed an Arduino to test it on. Same set-up, did not change the RTD breakout board or anything. When I ran the code in Arduino, it worked! --So that means the problem seems to be the Particle Photon or possibly its SPI channels. Why wouldn’t this work with the Shield (I used 10 - 13 there.)

Are A2 - A5 the incorrect pins to use for SPI? When I checked the chart, they seemed to be correct:

Or should I be using some other pins?

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