MAX31865 SPI problems

Hi, I am trying to use my Argon (2.0.0-rc.1) with an Adafruit Max31865 breakout board and the included sample sketch but without any luck so far. The code compiles fine but in the Serial Monitor the temperature is constantly at 980 °C :see_no_evil:
But the breakout board works fine in combination with an Arduino.
So are there any known SPI problems wit 2.0.0-rc.1?

Best, Tom

Have you searched the forum to see whether any of the threads already dealing with that board may provide some hints?

Hi @hl68fx -

Can you post your sketch??

Regards, Friedl.

I found my error :see_no_evil: I am using the Ethernet Feather Shield and forgot that it is using SPI as well and therefore blocking the standard CS pin.
Now everything works fine :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your support @ScruffR and @friedl_1977