SparkCore physical dimensions

Apologies if this has already been asked, but what are the physical dimensions of the core?
Also, some pictures seem to have the break-out pins installed and others don’t. Does the core come with the pins in place? (I’m planning on fitting these into light switches, so im pretty tight for space!)

Actually, I just found it on the original kickstarter page FAQ.

For anyone interested:

The Core is 0.8" (2cm) wide and 1.3" (3.3cm) tall. We will publish a
mechanical drawing shortly so you can start thinking about building
projects with the Core!

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Maybe the PDFs in this place, especially the core-mechanical-drawing-v(xx).pdf, will help you for the dimension? And the question of the break-out pins is indeed interesting… the main picture of shows a core without pins.

I’m sure they have break-out pins pre-soldered. I remember when they said in Facebook that one of them was soldering those pins for beta versions and in production version it is also done by hand but by someone much faster than him. Pins should be standard and that means ~11mm height.

The dimensions changed a bit on version 0.2.
The Core is now slighlty longer (0.1’’ longer)
See Zach posts here:

You can find detailed information on the Core Schematics here:
The file core-mechanical-drawing-v02.pdf has all the dimensiones.

Nice. Thanks for that. Longer is no problem, hopefully width doesn’t change, I’ve about 1.5mm width to spare at the minute!

What is the thickness of the Spark?